Full Version: Pale Pastel Polkadot Patterned Wallpapers and Carpets
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These were originally uploaded at MTS

So I got the urge to mess around again with colours and patterns and this is the result - pale pastel polkadot patterned wallpapers. 
I started with a bright yellow polka dot pattern I made and ended up with a more toned-down and paler seven colours: blue, fawn, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow. I did one plain paper with neat skirting and fancy crown and then added another variant with a wainscot (taken from the wainscot I made for my ice cream parlor walls). I think they would work very well for a baby's room or could be used in a country cottage for kitchen or dining room or even a drawing room (lounge). The crown is set far enough down the wall to sit under the ceiling in-game (and therefore look correct in pictures).
I don't know why I seem to produce so many pretty feminine wallpapers - I'm not remotely girly. 

Anyway, I thought, once I'd finished, that some slightly darker toned carpets were needed so I produced seven carpets which tone with the walls. I used the in-game Overwear carpet texture as a base. 

The walls are in the wallpaper section and are $6, the floors are in the carpets section and are $4. 
Maybe now I can get on with something more ambitious...