Full Version: Architecture: A Bit Steep - Mansard Roof Recolours
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This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr. There are some new recolours for these here
So I was trying to help someone over at MTS with something SimPE related and had a look at the Mansard roof pieces called A Bit Steep.  I rattled off a few quick recolours because that roof piece, in fact, uses the same textures as the Conexion Bohemia roof pieces which I rescaled (made quarter-sized) and recoloured here and I still had the recolour textures.  That was easy and a bit of a cheat really but I thought I’d put them up anyway.

There are four tile recolours (red, green, blue and yellow), four steel plate recolours  (red, green, blue and yellow) and a wooden chevron pattern that I just had to make when I fiddled with the Conexion pieces - don’t ask me why.  Also frame recolours in sandstone, red sandstone, dark (black I guess) and wooden (for the chevron pattern).  The dark frame and the yellow plate are from the Conexion EAxis textures.
The chevron pattern is the one that I am most attracted to. So, I'm glad you did it.
I'm glad you like it. I had one of those obsessional things with that texture. I just had to do it.