Decorative, Sculptures: Sundials
This is my entry for the Garden of Shadows Daisy Chain Event April 2021.  

My prompt was Shadow From the Past which made me think about past events and their effect on the present and future.  Old sins have long shadows...  However, that's a hard thing to mesh or retexture so I started thinking about the passing of time and ... timepieces.  I thought about wandering through a beautiful garden and finding a sundial marking the hours passing through the day.  So that's what I did.

First of all, I did some work on the garden sundial by SimArchitect over at MTS.  This was originally posted in 2008 and is a nice mesh though the textures are not so ... modern.  To be fair, it was made in the days when we didn't have such high quality video cards and screens and nobody then noticed the fuzzy textures quite so much.  


I did quite a bit of work on the mesh.  It was originally based on the giant knight statue (from OFB) and the textures for that are quite complicated AND there are four main textures in the original package which SimArchitect replaced with his own all still in one package.  So, I removed some unnecessary LIFO textures (which are huge) and thus dropped the file size considerably, adjusted the bounding mesh and, more involved, added a new recolourable subset so the gnomon texture can be changed in game and recoloured as well as the face of the sundial.  I also adjusted the price, making it a bit cheaper and changed the way the value drops after purchase.  I left the original base texture in place but extracted the original recolours (because, to be honest, I don't really want to keep them myself).  So I include here, a new version of the mesh file, the three original recolours (called now RC1, RC2 and RC3) and added three more recolours of the face of my own and also now, four recolours of the gnomon.

.rar   max_AASundial_ReworkplusRCs.rar (Size: 1.73 MB / Downloads: 265)

Two of the faces I like, I'm not so sure about the terracotta one - still you can delete that one yourself.  

Swatch of the new recolours:
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