Misc, Pets: Comfy Pet Pillow Recolours
These were originally posted at MTS.

I was making - a few months back now - a pet bed for the Pets Theme at MTS and, well, life got in the way. I'm still not finished but I wanted my pet theme sticker so I thought I'd post these which are some recolours for the Comfy Pillow Pet Bed that came with Pets. My new pet bed is slaved to the Comfy Pet Pillow and I was going to release them together. But nevermind - look out for that coming.


There are two sets of recolours
  • a plain set - blue-green, light green, pale blue, pink, yellow, orange, dark gray, plum cord, red (dark pink really). I wanted some alternatives to the bright (and sometimes garish) original colours
  • a set in plaid patterns - blue-green, bright red, burberry (hur!), green, orange, pink, red, yellow - because ... plaid. y'know

They have a dirty state and everything.


The plaid set has some free patterns taken from Naldz Graphics

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