Arcady Ice Cream Parlour Pt. 3 Object Recolours
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So this is part three of a set of things for my Arcady Ice Cream Parlour. I made these so that there are some useful recolours of objects which might fit a shop selling my ice creams. There are four sets of recolours here. Please read down the page for information about required meshes and items included.  The other parts of the set can be found here:


I have created a set of four awning recolours matching the wallpapers for my Arcady Ice Cream Parlour. These are recolours of Windkeeper's Awning Superset which can be found here. You must have the original meshes from Windkeeper to use these recolours. It's TSR unfortunately.


I have created a set of four recolours of Shoukeir's Painting 36 which can be found here. I have included the base mesh with the recolours here so you don't need to go to Shoukeir's archive to get it but the set of recolours for that painting are very nice and you might like to have them.


Shop Signs
There are two recolours of the plain OFB shop signs to match the paintings and bucket design of my ice creams (the wording colour is picked up).


Bistro Table and Chairs
To be honest, I am not sure about these recolurs. I, personally, don't think the design gells well with the rest of the set but I finally decided to include them in this upload because, in a technical sense, the recolours came out well. It was a new technique/process to me for recolouring and I like the design - I just don't think they quite fit. But you might like them anyway. Maybe I'll make myself some nice plain recolours instead.


Collection File
Finally, I added a collection file which includes the object recolours and the walls and floors (if you have them) so you can find them more easily.

Additional Credits:
Windkeeper and Shoukeir for the meshes of course. Most of the images and textures were created by me but I got the textures for the tables and chairs off the net and then messed around with them in Paintshop Pro.

Attached Files
.rar   max_IceCreamParlour_Awnings.rar (Size: 68.97 KB / Downloads: 358)
.rar   max_IceCreamParlour_Paintings.rar (Size: 176.95 KB / Downloads: 389)
.rar   max_IceCreamParlour_Signs.rar (Size: 17.21 KB / Downloads: 397)
.rar   max_IceCreamParlour_TableChairs.rar (Size: 50.04 KB / Downloads: 369)
.rar   max_IceCreamParlourCOLLECTION.rar (Size: 1.9 KB / Downloads: 351)
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