Decorative, Wall Art: Meoooow - Faux Vintage Cat Posters
These were originally posted at MTS.

I've made lots of posters with vintage style images and in my internet travels found these pussy cats running around unattached to our sims. I thought I'd better fix that.


As before, I used the Nightlife Pineapple poster to make recolours. There are twelve in total. However, it's not quite that straightforward. Five of the images are quite long and narrow and I thought they'd look better on a narrower mesh. As I wanted them to make a set, I made a new mesh based on the Pineapple poster but slimmer and more elegant. Hence there are three files attached to this post - I separated things out so you could choose what versions you'd prefer to download.  Please note - recolours of the Pineapple poster need the CEP and NL.
  • Pineapple recolours - these are the seven more regularly shaped images on the Pineapple mesh (so appear as recolours). They are the pictures by El Gato Gomez, Grosch, Munn and Mibus
  • Narrow Pineapple Mesh - new mesh - with recolours - five images in total by Moldonado and Beary
  • Pineapple recolours of the narrower images (five), on the standard mesh not on the narrow mesh (Moldonado and Beary)

So, you can download the straight Pineapple recolours and have a very nice set of seven cat images with which to decorate your sims homes. You can add a further five cat images to that by either downloading my new narrower Pineapple mesh or, if you prefer not to add yet another new mesh to your game (and I understand that, believe me), you can have the alternative version of those slimmer pictures on the standard Pineapple mesh. I hope that's clear. It's envisaged that you'd have either the narrow mesh and its recolours or the alternative setting on the standard mesh.

The new narrow mesh

Please see the swatch pictures to match names to images - the files are named accordingly.  The new mesh was cloned from the Pineapple poster and I didn't change the catalogue settings - so it is the same price and in Wall Hangings.

Gomez1; Gomez3; Gomez 2

Grosch; Beary2; Beary1

Moldonado3; Moldonado2; Moldonado1

Munn; Mibus1; Mibus2

Images credits:
The images are not original vintage cat images but modern interpretations of that style. I have used some advertising images from several artists who produce this type of material (and I think you would agree they are very lovely). The artists are as follows and I have provided links so you can go and have a look at their online pages/sites for yourself:

El Gato Gomez

Jason Munn

Donna Mibus

Amos Maldonado

Eleanor Grosch

Kerry Beary

Polygon Counts:

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