Decorative, Rugs: Traditional Turkish - Nengi65 Rug Recolours
These were originally posted at MTS.

These are in a more traditional (Turkish or Oriental) style than my previous recolours for this mesh. The images came from around the web but, as before, I also got a lot of good quality images from the John Lewis website.  See this thread for copies of the mesh files.


So why a more traditional style? Well, there are plenty of rug recolours around in this style but I wanted to get some not just on Nengi's rug meshes but on Huge Lunatic's larger room-sized versions of the mesh which are slaved to Nengi's mesh. You can find Huge Lunatic's larger meshes here. Because, after all, if you are building stately homes, you need big Oriental-style room-sized carpets. Well you do, don't you?


There are 24 recolours in total (I couldn't choose and whittle them down further). I thought this was perhaps a bit much for most people so I have divided the files into four collections of six rugs apiece (see pictures). That way, you can choose the collection you like best and download that. 

Collection 1

Collection 2

Collection 3

Collection 4

Here is a comparison picture with Nengi's rugs at the top and the two larger HL versions at the bottom. All rugs are slaved to the 3x4 rug at top-right.


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.rar   max_OrientalRugs_Collection4.rar (Size: 519.19 KB / Downloads: 302)
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