Decorative, Rugs: Geometric - Nengi65 Rug Recolours
These were originally posted at MTS.

More recolours for Nengi65’s great rug mesh! These textures are taken from interesting things I’ve found on the web or that have been sent to me and that I have adapted for the mesh. They are mostly geometric in style: spots; stripes; circles; squares, though there is one nice oriental flower graphic too.


These are six recolours for the 3x4 master rug from Nengi65's Rug Collection (the recolours will show on all other rugs from the collection as they are slaves to the 3x4 master rug). 


Additionally, if you download these additional slave meshes from Huge Lunatic you can also have these lovely rugs in full room sizes too.  See this thread for copies of the mesh files.

L-R, Top to Bottom: Spotty; Oriental Flower; Orange Stripes; Multisquare; Brown & Yellow; Blue Stripe

NB – all other objects in the pictures are Maxis.

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