Decorative, Rugs: Lewis's Rugs I for Nengi65's Rug Collection
These were originally posted at MTS.

This is a set of recolours for Nengi65's Rug Collection with the textures taken from John Lewis's site - they have some really good quality pictures of their wares on their site which translate very well into nicely detailed textures for the game.  Unfortunately, the original meshes for these rugs are no longer available.  BUT..... See this thread for my version of the meshes and information about where you might find expansions on the meshes and, possibly, the original files.  


These are five recolours for the 3x4 master rug from Nengi65's Rug Collection (the recolours will show on all other rugs from the collection). Additionally, if you download these additional slave meshes from Huge Lunatic you can also have these lovely rugs in full room sizes (as shown in the room pictures).


The download has one file with all 5 recolours together.  A version of the meshes is available (given in the link given above) in the Pastels Rugs thread. Names of each recolour below.

L-R, top to bottom: Duck Egg; Montrose Chocolate; Harlequin Kerria; Petrol Gravel; Luna Stairs

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