Bathrooms: Spots and Stripes Shower Curtains
These were originally uploaded to MTS.

After I released my Retro-1950s-style wall tiles (after quite a long gestation), I’d made these in a further response to a WCIF from Grammapat who wanted to be able to build a retro pink bathroom

Well, I was fairly pleased with the wall tiles (and toning floors) but it is true that it is still difficult to build a full on pink bathroom since there is little furniture and deco available that will match or blend with the tile colours. In fact, I was asked (by Magicslippers) about a quick and dirty recolour of the Aqua Plus Shower I made for the screenshot on the thread. Well, I’m not much of a recolourer but I can do texture overlaying quite well now so I thought I’d have a go and supply a set of matching shower curtains to get you started. 


So here they are. I made shower curtains for all three of the basic EAxis showers: the Colonial Bathtub (expensive); the Aqua Plus Shower-Tub (medium) and the Clean Water Shower (cheap). I started with the Colonial Bathtub since that has (by far) the easiest texture to work with. I made a set of striped curtains and a set of spotty curtains and some random textures I just liked (typical me). 

Colonial Stripes

Colonial Spots

I then used those recolours to make spotty curtains for the Aqua Plus Shower-Tub and striped curtains for the Clean Water Shower. The Aqua Plus Shower also has some plainer (though not plain) curtains too. 

Aquaplus Turquoise Spots

CleanWater Stripes - colours: I made a set of colours to match the tiled walls in: turquoise; pink; lemon; chartreuse and candy apple red. 

But I also decided to round out the colour selection a bit so the curtains could be more generally useful and added a blue, green (less of a limey green than the chartreuse) and a purple-lilac for the spots and striped curtains. You can see the range in the pictures above. I have also lightened the tiles of the Aqua Plus Shower and the Clean Water Shower so they appear to be more of a white than the murkier yellow or greenish tinge they had in the originals.  There are some extra recolours using various patterns too for all three showers.

All the stripes for CleanWater

Colonial Extras

These are recolours of EAxis meshes and, as the AquaPlus Shower and Clean Water Shower were not originally made with recolours of their own, you WILL NEED to have the CEP installed to see them. If you use the great and very useful backless showers by Huge Lunatic, you will find these work just fine as recolours for those (since they are a slave of the original EAxis objects anyway).

CleanWater extra recolours

There are 48 files – blimey. I’ve separated the recolours out into sets. There are zips for the following: Colonial Bathtub Stripes; Colonial Bathtub Spots; Colonial Bathtub Extras; Clean Water Shower Stripes; Clean Water Shower Extras; Aqua Plus Plain(ish); Aqua Plus Spots. The one extra Aqua Plus recolour (Willow) is in with the Plain zip. All files are clearly named so if there is a particular recolour you don’t want you should be able to find it and delete it easily. Also remember you can delete recolours like these without problem in-game using the swatch tool.

Aquaplus Plain(ish)

I hope this will help you to start to build the pink (or chartreuse or lemon or turquoise or candy apple red) bathrooms of your dreams.

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