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I opened this site to host my CC uploads for Sims 2 - it was not my primary intention to create a forum website for Sims discussion but as a host for my uploads.  However, if you want to talk, chat or ask questions, please feel free to post here.  

So here's my intro:

I am the site owner - maxon - and I've been playing the game since it was released and have been making stuff for it pretty much since then.  I made stuff for TS1 too (I might just upload some of that stuff too eventually) and have even made stuff for TS3 as well (unreleased).  I made this site because I have a lot of stuff uploaded here, there and everywhere and I wanted - late in the day perhaps - to create a space where I could assemble everything together so I could keep it in order and update files easily should I need to.  Though I have quite a lot of stuff up on the net (here, there and everywhere), I have also amassed over the years a huge amount of unreleased stuff - so will be reviewing some of that and perhaps uploading those files as well.  Or some of them anyway.
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Hi I usually register if I visit a site that has registration and I have not already registered in the past and I usually say hi at least once, maybe I am a bit OCD about it, but oh well. I found this site by seeing a link to it from one of the tumblr posts.

Hi maxon, since I consider you someone that I like, I wanted to see what you had on your site. Take care.
Hey LordTyger - I like you too!

I'm trying the site out for now and we'll see where it gets us. I'm liking it so far but there's still a lot to do. Thanks for saying hi!
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