Decorative, Wall Art: All Singing and Dancing Posters
These were originally posted at MTS.


I wanted to contribute something to the Performing Arts theme at MTS, so I went back to some lovely images I had collected a while back and made them into some recolours for the in-game Nightlife Pineapple Posters (I've made quite a few of these now!).


Please note - recolours of the Pineapple poster need the CEP and you will need to have Nightlife - the Pineapple poster came with that EP and was not originally recolourable.

The Pineapple poster costs $850 and is found in Decorative>Wall Hangings

There are six posters: two for dance; two for music and two for theatre.


The images used are from the following brilliant creators:

Ballerinas - are from one of my favourite commercial graphic artists Eleanor Grosch. I don't quite know why I love her work so much but it really speaks to me. I think these two ballerinas are very pretty,

Piano and Violin - are from The 1Gallery. I love that random, rainbow colours silhouette effect.

Theatre Masks - the regular theatre mask image is also from 1Gallery (as above) and that looser intriguing, emotional and stylish interpretation of the comedy-tragedy theatre masks is from Marion Bolognesi.

All worth your time to go and have a look at their sites - some lovely images there. I recommend strongly.

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