Decorative, Wall Art: Wildlife We've Lost Posters
These were originally posted at MTS.

I hadn't planned on making any more poster recolours for the Pineapple mesh(es) - well at least just yet. But then I read about these lovely poster designs and saw the pictures and, well, I got waylaid on the way to doing something else.


They are from the travel firm Expedia who commissioned the art works from Matt Lindley, a London-based marketeer. This is from a short article about that project which can be seen here

Quote:When travelling in New Zealand, Matt Lindley started thinking about the flightless moa bird, which was endemic there until it became extinct around 1300AD. This gave him the idea for the series Unknown Tourism (link to the expedia site given above), which commemorates lost wildlife with vintage-style posters inspired by 30s to 50s air travel ads. The project, commissioned by the travel site Expedia UK and illustrated by Jon Barmby, includes the dodo as well as bringing to light the unfamiliar galliwasp. “Hopefully these posters are a fun, visual way to convey that information to a lot of people,” says Lindley. “We felt many of these animals weren’t getting the attention they deserved, so this was a way of paying tribute to them.”

There are six lovely graphics about extinct animals in six countries: Alaska; Jamaica; Mauritius; Costa Rica; New Zealand and Tasmania (well, strictly a mix of countries and states). I set the graphics on the Pineapple poster mesh from Nightlife and Simlished them. So you will need Nightlife and the CEP in order to see them.

L-R: Mauritius; Jamaica; Cost Rica

L-R: Tasmania; Alaska; New Zealand

So there we are - a bonus set of poster recolours from me but no more planned for now (until I see the next lovely set of vintage style posters no doubt - there seems to be something of a fashion for them at the moment!).

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