Greetings Cards for MogHughson's Postal System
These were all originally uploaded to MTS.

I was inspired by MogHughson's postal system mod (here) to upload my first CC to MTS back in the day - I eventually made nine sets of cards.  The mod itself is quite old now but is still very much a goody and I'm still using it.  It's a great little addition to gameplay.  So I thought I'd upload all these files even though they're quite old now.  Go over to Mog's thread to understand how to use the mod and download the needed base object for the card system.  My files are below and then I've included, at the bottom of the page, pictures from the upload threads so you can see what you like and what you don't.

I made cards for: 
  • Bereavement 4
  • Birthday 13
  • Christmas 22
  • Engagement 1
  • Friendship 6
  • Get Well Soon 1
  • Graduation 4
  • Retirement 4
  • Valentine 1
  • Wedding Anniversary 6
  • Wedding 12
Most of the files have self-explanatory names but the first two uploads I made were mixed collections consisting of some Christmas cards and other cards.  If you have a look at the pictures, I've noted which zip/rar files belong to the collections.  

So, these are various card sets for use with Moghughson's Postal System Mod with which your sims can bother their friends in your neighbourhood. Sims will receive a small positive boost to their friendship levels when they read the card.  I claim no particular artistic talent for these - the images came off the net. I fiddled about a bit and there is some creative input on my part (it's fun, what can I say?) but let's not overstate things, eh?

Each card has its own verse but be warned: I'm English, I don't do sentimental so they're not squishy and sweet but tart.

You will need the postal system by MogHughson which you can find here. That thread also contains all information about how to use these cards. You can even make your own cards for yourself with different categories.

.zip (Size: 52.32 KB / Downloads: 368)
.zip (Size: 51.84 KB / Downloads: 326)
.rar   max_BirthdayCards2016.rar (Size: 132.04 KB / Downloads: 336)
.zip (Size: 37.9 KB / Downloads: 325)
.zip (Size: 38.88 KB / Downloads: 281)
.rar   max_ChristmasCards2015.rar (Size: 172.32 KB / Downloads: 292)
.zip (Size: 87.84 KB / Downloads: 308)
.zip (Size: 52.42 KB / Downloads: 340)
.zip (Size: 66.41 KB / Downloads: 287)
.zip (Size: 80.79 KB / Downloads: 368)
.zip (Size: 182.61 KB / Downloads: 360)

Birthday Cards

Christmas Cards - the later ones.  The file is ChristmasCards2015

Friendship Cards

Graduation Cards

Retirement Cards

Wedding Anniversary Cards

Wedding Cards

This is the first collection - 3 Christmas (file is ChristmasCards - on the left), then 1 each of valentine, birthday, get well, and bereavement (the file for these is labelled 7 - on the right)

This is the second collection - 3 Christmas (file is ChristmasCards2 - on the left), then 1 engagement, and 3 bereavement - there are only two on the picture but there's a bonus one in there as well (the file for these is labelled 6 - on the right). I think I must have been having a lot of deaths in Little Carping at the time.
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