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I will. Is it OK if I post up thoughts about it on Tumblr? Or is there somewhere here that I could do that?
Oh knock yourself out - or post in the Polgannon section here (which I really need to get started). There are places where there's stuff about Polgannon at MTS and on tumblr. It's all good - though let me know where you post - then I can come over and have a look. I finally uploaded Polgannon (it took me four years) in 2015 so there's been plenty of time for people to post about it and any spoilers. There's a whole thread over at MTS.
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Excellent! I stayed up way too late reading everything I could through RUFIO and making a mother of spreadsheets, and combing through people's memories and relationships. I love over-analysing things. Big Grin

I'm trying to stay away from the MTS threads so I can avoid spoilers, but I have downloaded the extra families, and the cross-check spreadsheet thingy.

A technical question for you -

How in the name of Will Wright did you get the High Street Lot to be on both sides of the road? That's amazing and cool!
Oh Moo's LotAdjuster:

I actually was part of her testing team for that so I'm pretty familiar with it. I did a lot of lot fiddling with that neighbourhood. It's not the only odd lot. Having said that, I'd do some things very differently if I ever made a new neighbourhood (and I *did* think about that at one point).
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